Audition Results

Thank you to everyone for auditioning!!! We’re so proud of all our Trillium Dancers! There will be a rehearsal fee of $50 for solos/duets and $10/dancer for group pieces. All rehearsals are mandatory. Soloists will perform at Morris Graves Museum on November 13th.       -Erin & Teachers

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas 2016 CAST LIST:

Act 1

Cats (double cast):

Eva Swartz (lead cat), Kayla Harvey, Sydney Lusa & Lily Hodges

Eva Weller (lead cat), Niniane Holland, Rhiannon Green & Bailey Ives

Joy: Junior Ensemble

New Fallen Snow:  Trillium Dance Ensemble

Act 2

Gingersnap:  Haylee Wolff

Jack-in-the-Box: Rachel Post

Princess Poinsettia:  Olivia Oetker

Iciquelle:  Martina Shannon

Frost: Raven Cziglenyi, Meiwan Gottschalk, Violette Ladd, Marisa Mendosa, Emma Radley, Lana Sharkey

Tinselina:  Coco Rael

Silverbella (double cast):  Angelica Meade/Delaney Gaston

Mistletonia:  Chloe Schmidt


Ada Bavin, Delaney Gaston, Adrienne Kerr, Violette Ladd, Angelica Meade, Olivia Oetker, Coco Rael

Trillium Dance Ensemble – NEW MEMBER:

Congratulations to: Chloe Schmidt, who has demonstrated consistent dedication to our program, excellent performance & versatility of style!