Purchase Dancewear

FOR CLASS COLOR LEOTARDS: Login to your studio account and select “Shop Leotards” to select your dancer’s favorite style in the proper class color. Leotards will be ordered and distributed by the studio.

  • MARINE: Ballet Ages 7-8 (Thursday class)
  • MULBERRY: Ballet Ages 9-10 (Wednesday class)
  • TEAL: Ballet Ages 11-12 (Tuesday class)
  • BLACK: Ballet Ages 13+

FOR TIGHTS, SHOES & OTHER DANCEWEAR: Click the link to our Discount Dance ONLINE STORE where you can purchase tights, shoes and more!  You can also enter our studio ID #54593 at checkout to qualify for any studio related promotions. Find our store anytime by logging on to www.DiscountDance.com and search for your studio “Trillium.”  Click our DRESS LIST and us the drop down menu to shop:

  • Footwear – Ballet, Tap, Latin Jazz Shoes
  • Dancewear – Tights & Warmups
  • Accessories – Hair and pointe shoe extras
  • Performance – Nude leotards & performance items

Click on any item to see the “Teacher’s Note” description so you’re sure you’re purchasing the correct item for your dancer’s class.  Happy Shopping!