Production Class

The goal of our Dance Production Class is to create new & exciting opportunities for Trillium’s upper level dancers.  Beyond their regular class work, students who sign up for this class will become the casat of our Spring Dance Production, Encore!.  Production students will not only get the additional performance opportunity, but also learn the behind-the-scenes skills necessary to create & produce a large-scale dance event.  By choosing a speacialty like event publicity, graphic design, or costume design & contruction, students will experience hands-on learning & deepen their skills in real-life collaboration & leatdership.  Production Class is open to dancers in Ballet levels 6 & up, and meets intermittently on Saturdays throughout the school year.

Dance Production Class Schedule 2018-2019

  • October 6th 2-3pm: FIRST MEETING & 3-4pm: CHOREOGRAPHY WORKSHOP – Required for students auditioning as choreographers.
  • October 20th 2-4pm: AUDITION FOR CHOREOGRAPHERS – up to three production class students will be selected to create works for Encore! 2019.
  • November 3rd 2-4pm: AUDITION FOR DANCERS – Mandatory for casting of Encore! 2019. Rescheduled for start of Spring Session.

Congratulations Areilla Adams & Madison Stromberg, who have auditioned and been selected as student choreographers for Encore 2019!