Tips for a Better Audition


  1. Train hard in every class so that you are technically ready. Focus on every exercise as if each combination were the entire class.
  2. Hear a correction only once. Apply the correction. Train yourself to self-correct.
  3. Practice putting your technique and your presentation together. One cannot exist without the other. Don’t sacrifice your technique to perform, nor loose your presentation and become only a technician.
  4. Keep your memory sharp! Without this you will never be able to show off your skills if you can’t remember the combination.
  5. Be physically and nutritionally healthy.
  6. Preparing for auditions should be an ongoing activity; not only when you are expecting an audition.
  7. Research what you are auditioning for… Do your homework!
  8. Know your rehearsal availability prior to the audition.
  9. Plan your audition attire.
  10. Wear light make-up (females) and be well groomed (males).
  11. Undergarments should not be visible (no bra straps or underwear sticking out).
  12. No jewelry.
  13. Arrive early. You will need time to complete paperwork before the audition begins.
  14. Make a strong first impression.
  15. Find a place to warm-up on your own even if there is a warm-up as part of the audition.
  16. Keep your numbered pinned on your front in an easy-to-see location.
  17. Have a small bag of clothing/shoe options you can quickly change into if needed (prior to audition).
  18. If you start getting nervous, try running in place. It will get you warm, get your blood pumping and burn off extra adrenaline.
  19. Smile, be friendly, and encourage each other beforehand!


  1. Don’t audition next to your friends. You will be tempted to talk and you may dress or dance too similar to your friends. You want to stand out, not blend in.
  2. Don’t hide in the back. Stand in the front if you are confident that you know the material. Don’t be rude or pushy, but also stand your ground. Be confident. Never stand in front of the teacher.
  3. Memorize names (Instructor, Assistant, Choreographer, Director, etc…)
  4. Don’t change/add/remove clothes once audition process has begun unless asked.
  5. Use your dance etiquette:
  • Never sit down
  • Don’t lean on barres/walls
  • Do not talk during audition
  • Do not turn your back to the Instructor
  • Don’t chew gum
  • Do not bring in a cell phone
  • Clap for other dancers auditioning
  • Clap to thank the Instructor at the end of the audition
  1. Focus on the material being shown. Learn quickly. Watch for all details. The goal is to get everything correct in one showing.
  2. Begin all exercises well. Finish them well.
  3. Don’t “mark” audition material. Do everything full out all the time.
  4. Do the steps exactly as asked (examples: don’t do a triple pirouette if they asked for a double, don’t kick your highest if they asked for the battement to be 90º)
  5. Pay attention to directions (examples: “numbers 1-5 go first”, “odd numbers exit to the left”, “make a staggered line” etc…)
  6. If you have to ask a question, ask quickly and clearly. Try to avoid asking questions by listening to others and watching. Only ask questions during an appropriate time. Say “thank you” to the Instructor if they answer your question. Don’t ask a question that has already been asked.
  7. Learn to recognize the beat and phrasing quickly. Find the beat immediately and prepare yourself for the tempo of the movement.
  8. Stand tall with your arms to your sides. Don’t cross your arms or put them on your hips. (This will make you look more confident and you will not risk covering your audition number).
  9. Be expressive in your face. Smile, be graceful, be passionate, be energetic etc…
  10. Don’t look at the floor while you dance.
  11. Don’t make a “face” or bad expression if you mess up… pick up the choreography and keep going!
  12. Continue to review your choreography when other groups are auditioning.
  13. Be prepared to freestyle/improve. Know what you are good at. Don’t try new “tricks” in an audition.
  14. Don’t talk while waiting to audition outside or when you are exiting. Be listening for tips/clues (“the floor is slippery”, “they will want you to growl”, “they are only looking for 3 dancers” etc…)
  15. Show them that you are exactly what they are looking for. Believe in yourself!


  • Material is usually taught to the entire group first and then auditioned in smaller groups.
  • The judges will be taking notes during the entire audition process.
  • Dancers may also be asked to return later for a “call-back” or specific numbers may be called out to perform the audition material again before moving on.